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Plan A

Pre-sell salsa using the Sales Tracking Sheet at $7.00 per jar

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Plan B

Order a selection of salsas to sell directly to your fundraiser customers.

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Plan C

Pre-sell mix and match cases of salsa to your supporters at $72.00 per 12-jar case.

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Thanks from Jose (mike)

Thanks for fundraising with Jose!

Here at Jose Madrid Salsa, we are passionate about fundraising and it is our #1 focal point as a business. With that being said, we invite you to give us consideration on any upcoming fundraisers that may take place. We truly believe our opportunity is hands-down, a win-win for all involved. We offer a product that is made of vegetables, fruits, spices – and sometimes a little honey for sweetness – making it naturally low in carbs, calories, sugar, and sodium.

It is a much healthier option than selling candy or cookies, and the best part is you keep 50% of the sales!